Beer in one hand, Bourbon in the other

My last night in Louisville and I wanted something delicious to remember this city by. On the corner of 3rd and Maine St. was the Bluegrass Brewing Company. It looked like a great place to get a beer and bite to eat. I went down into the cellar and took a seat at the bar.

The bartender greeted me and I ordered a beer, a dark one. As he poured the dark frothy libation from the tap I opened up the menu and there it was. The Hot Brown! I recognized it immediately. An open faced Turkey sandwich, topped with bacon, smothered in cheese sauce and broiled until it was golden brown. As my beer was placed before me, I shouted over the noise, “A Hot Brown please!”

I sipped my beer and stared up at the TV screen. I don’t remember what was on, a sporting match of some kind, but it didn’t matter.

My Hot Brown arrived just as my beer reached the point where I could see the bottom of the glass. I ordered another beer, a lighter one this time and began digging into my meal with a fork and knife. I’ll never forget that first bite. The turkey was warm and moist, the bacon thick and crispy, the bread was crunchy and the cheese sauce was creamy and savory. What an amazing food invention. I polished the plate in no time and I still had half a beer left.


For dessert I asked the bartender for a shot of bourbon and informed him that I had never had bourbon and wanted a good one. He reached for the top shelf and pulled down a round glass bottle with a golden horse sitting on top. My shot was poured and served with a sidecar of ice. I picked up the bourbon, smelled it and swirled it to get some oxygen in there. I took a sip, held it on my palate for a few seconds and swallowed. The burning sensation soon gave way to a sweet and oaky aftertaste.

“How do you like it?” The bartender asked. “Not bad.” I said and took a drink of my beer. He joked with me and said that I looked like a real Kentuckian. “Beer in one hand, Bourbon in the other.”

This was originally written as a TravBuddy Review of the Bluegrass Brewing Company in Louisville, Kentucky.

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