Leaning Tower of Pisa

I was hung over in Pisa. I had drank way too much the night before. I felt sick the entire train ride and once we arrived at the station I had a nice refreshing dry heave off the platform. I felt a lot better once I got a breakfast croissant in my belly. We took a taxi from the train station to to the Leaning Tower and spent less than an hour taking pictures and browsing through the souvenir stalls. The penis shaped pasta was amusing.

I would have liked to have spent more time in Pisa. My travel companions said we had to get back on the train to Florence so we could go see the statue of David. As much as I wanted to see David, I did not want to get back on that train. We returned to the taxi line and ended up getting the very same driver who had brought us.

Well at least I got to see the tower and I bought a pair of t shirts for my kids to prove it. I also bought a small bag of these delicious giant red grapes to munch on. Next time I’m in Italy (hoping that there will be a next time) I’m going to take my time, enjoy everything and not be so rushed. I’m sure Pisa has more to offer than it’s famous architectural mishap.

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2 thoughts on “Leaning Tower of Pisa

  1. So is the pasta supposed to be penis shaped or are they just mistakenly labeled. If they are not supposed to be penis shaped I would love it if you would let me snag that photo for my wtf friday post. I will link your blog and the picture back to you.


  2. I believe they were intentionally phallus shaped. By all means you can snag any of my photos. 🙂

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