My Travellin’ Dad

My Dad and I have never been that close and we don’t have too much in common. But he makes a fair attempt to stay in touch and sends me email with photos of what is going on in his life. And I try to do the same.

Recently he sold his house in Gig Harbor, Washington and took a job in Albuquerque, New Mexico as a traveling superintendent for a construction firm. So he gets to drive around the U.S. in his RV and work wherever he is needed.

After 5 weeks in Albuquerque he was sent up to Helena, Montana where he worked for 2 weeks before being sent back down to Albuquerque for another 2 weeks. Then up to the top of the Rocky Mountains to the town of Leadville, Colorado for a 3 week job.

Then came the news he would be going to Omaha, Nebraska for the winter. He spent 2 weeks in Wheatridge, Colorado waiting for the call to head over to Omaha. Much to his pleasant surprise he was told that he was being sent to Fort Polk, Louisiana.

All of these towns are places I could never imagine visiting. But I’m sure my Dad is having a blast driving around the U.S. and seeing all the beautiful scenery along the way. I’m a BIG City kind of guy but I know my Dad loves all those small towns.


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