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Mitchell’s Ice Cream

I was in San Francisco for 5 days with my wife and kids. In that time we drove across town to Mitchell’s 3 different times for their wonderful ice cream. On the first drive the kids fell asleep so my wife went in and got two cones whiles I waited in the car with the kids snoring in the backseat. She came back with one Macapuno (sweet coconut) and one Ube (sweet potato). Both are Filipino flavors and both were delicious. But the Macapuno was the best!

We went back the next day for a second visit while the kids were still awake, found street parking and went inside together. It is a cute little ice cream shop serving dozens of different flavors, most which are quite unique. I wish I could say we tried a different flavor, but no it was Macapuno again. My daughter had Vanilla but my wife, son and I all had the Macapuno.

Mitchell’s has an impressive history dating back to the late 19th century when the family moved to San Francisco from New York in 1865 and later started a dairy farm. In 1952 brothers Larry and Jack Mitchell opened Mitchell’s Ice Cream on the corner of 29th Street and San Jose Ave. 60 years later Mitchell’s is still in business and still owned by Larry Mitchell. They are still serving some of the most delicious ice cream in the Bay area made with 16% butterfat cream and superior ingredients.

Our last visit to Mitchell’s was on our last day in San Francisco and while the Macapuno ice cream was just as delicious as the first time, it was bittersweet to know that I wouldn’t be able to come back again for sometime. I told my wife and myself that on our next visit I would try a different flavor other than Macapuno – Maybe!

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